I just remembered why I should be upset today.


I’m over the edge. Bye.

God Fucking Damn.

The past few weeks have been killing me. Sorry my tumblr is turning into me venting, but I always feel the need to post when I feel like I’m going crazy.

I don’t even know what’s happening to me, but I have not been myself. I legit cannot handle myself much longer. I’m stupid enough to never talk about my feelings, so I let things pile up inside of my until I’m about the explode. The past week was especially stressful for me, so the littlest things were pushing me closer to the edge. Now I’m pretty sure I’m about to fall off the edge. One last push and I’m gone.

I’m not usually like this. But right now, I am. I’m fucking angry, sad, frustrated, and scared but I don’t know what for. I think I’m just *insert emotion here*  at life in general.

I have a great life for the most part, I’m lucky, but in general life just suck ass sometimes.

God Fucking Fucking Fucking Fucking Damn. I want to scream.

…happy valentines day.


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so i’m a hipster now? i have my moments, too…

so i’m a hipster now? i have my moments, too…

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I'm falling the fuck apart.

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Absolutely fucking no. Who do these people think they are? They can't even respect a little girl who died in a tragedy at her own funeral. Makes me fucking sick.

Thoughts; Religion in My Future.

I just thought about something.

I’m agnostic.

I really didn’t like catholicism.

If I ever have kids, what will I raise them?

As of now, I actually don’t really want kids… I really want to focus on my work and have freedom. I’m not a big family person haha. But if I get married and my husband eventually wants kids, it would be pretty cruel of me to say no to him…

I really don’t wanna raise them to be catholic, plus I know nothing about the religion. I did CCD for several years and hated it, I celebrate Christmas… yeah.

Then again, I don’t wanna raise my kids to be agnostic. I feel like if I did that, I’d end up with a 5 year old who says, “Life sucks, then you die.” At least religious kids believe in heaven.

I could do agnosticism with a twist… like believe what you want and be happy!

But, that would fail… epically.

I kinda like the Quaker religion… the Religious Society of Friends sounds awesome! :D

I like Buddhism the best… but… yeah.

Seriously though: imagine a little kid saying life sucks and then you die, in the little kid voice and all. As proud as I’d be, THEY STILL HAVE A FEW YEARS TO BE HAPPY THAT I DON’T WANNA RUIN FOR THEM.

I guess I’ll figure this out in 20 years or so.


-Kate :)

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